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"This isn't your average community. It leaves you with a lot of food for thought when it comes to mediating your use of digital technology, day-to-day."

—Dan Zell, Entrepeneur

"A welcoming and good-humoured space to explore new ways to use tech in daily life."

—Artur, Software Tester

"I love being a part of communities with a shared mission and purpose—Mind Over Tech is doing a brilliant job at building this around creating healthier tech habits."

—Amanda, research consultant

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  • Digital Habit Lab Library

    Access the full library of Digital Habit Lab experiments. Integrate digital wellbeing into your day and transform the way you live.

  • Weekly Challenges

    Weekly invitations to run digital habit experiments with community support. Receive inspiration, accountability and guidance from the Mind over Tech team and community.

  • Updated tips and resources

    We are constantly adding new resources to accompany the experiments. Members get full access to the latest articles, research, videos, templates and related products.

  • Peer support

    Connect with peers from around the world in forum posts or choose to make your profile visible to message others directly. Benefit from an active and diverse community focused on using their relationship with tech to improve their lives and grow as individuals.

  • Live sessions

    Join Member-only monthly live events where we deep-dive into specific digital habits and share advice, support and inspiration.

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