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Practical methods to help build digital habits that support your wellbeing and productivity.

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The Mind over Tech sessions struck the perfect balance between enlightening people to the theory and then giving very very action focussed practical tips to embed in our daily lives. They also helped create a really safe and supportive space for the 900+ people who joined.

—Izzy Hare, Wellbeing Lead for Consulting at Deloitte

Our Mission

To help people develop digital habits that support their wellbeing and productivity, and turn their relationship with their tech into an opportunity for personal growth.

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Productivity wins at your fingertips

Stop reading about better digital habits and start actually practising them with this unique card deck.

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Transform your team's digital habit culture with our unique programme of Awareness Talks and Digital Habits Champions training.

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Discover how to role model better digital habits and work together with your family to create a digital habit culture that works for you.

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