Embracing technology with intention.

Intentional Digital Habits unleash potential.

Scalable training and tools to build highly engaged teams who are in control of their digital lives.

Instead of walking out horrified at how much you use your phone, you leave with clear actionable goals and a better understanding of your digital habits and why they exist.

—Jacqueline Conway, Group Risk and Compliance Director at Vodafone

Investing in the culture of you

Whether you have been doing it for a while, or it has been thrust upon you unexpectedly, almost all of us are having to carry out our work (and increasingly, our lives) over the internet from home.

While there are many online tools which thankfully make this more possible than ever, adapting to the life changing effects on you boundaries, routines and focus is quite another thing

To help with this, we have created an online programme of daily bitesize content which helps you develop physical, mental and organisational supports to flourish in a remote setting.

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Good digital habits aren't about locking away your phone or computer, but applying methods to make sure your tech is accomplishing your goals.

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Cultures of Digital Wellbeing at work

The last few years have seen many companies undergoing digital transformation to supercharge their workflows and evolve their offering to be future proof.

There is no doubt of the need for this, but it is equally important to invest in your people who are using these new systems so that they have the skills to work in this new way without effecting their wellbeing and focus.

That's why we work with companies to help build healthy digital cultures which support your teams and amplify your impact.

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Education and Families

It's an understatement to say that being a parent, guardian or teacher and trying to responsibly supervise a relationship with smartphones and other technology is a real challenge.

This is especially true due to there being a huge amount on conflicting information out there. There are also clearly different needs from technology across generations.

We work with children, parents and teachers to explore what we can learn from each other about intentional tech use, and share best practice.

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