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“The range of tips and the focus on finding what works for each individual means the team now have achievable goals, not just a generic set of actions.”

Rachel Charlton Lead Partner of Change Deloitte
  • Keynote Talks

    Inspirational 1 hour experiences

    Each attendee will gain:

    ✅ Inspirational insights that spark digital habit change.

    ✅ Confidence to improve their focus through experimentation.

    ✅ 50+ mins a week saved through better digital habits.

  • Workshops

    Foundational 3 hour deep-dives

    Each attendee will gain:

    ✅ 2x confidence to improve productivity & wellbeing.

    ✅ Shared cultural stories of digital habits unlocking potential.

    ✅ 120+ mins a week saved through better digital habits.

  • Journeys

    Transformational 6 week live-cohorts

    Each attendee will gain:

    ✅ 2x reported work-life balance improvement.

    ✅ Deep rooted behaviour change that compounds over time.

    ✅ 300+ mins a week saved through better digital habits.

“Mind over Tech deliver a great action-oriented programme to get your digital life on track, in a way that works for you.”

Laura Scott Head of Learning & Development Google

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  • Who delivers the sessions?

    Our specialist instructors have been selected not just on their professional and academic expertise, but also on their ability to engage audiences with their dynamism, charisma and warmth.

  • What is the maximum size for a session?

    Talks can be delivered to very large audiences – as long as the right space or technology is available. Workshops are limited to 30 people to allow space for facilitated group discussions. Journeys are limited to 10 people per cohort for continuous direct interation with our instructors.

  • Can I book just one session in it's own?

    Yes. However, because Talks and Workshops complement one another and work well in tandem, we often recommend booking them as part of longer programmes, according to your team or organisation’s needs.

“The course had a hugely positive impact. It was full of rich info and actionable take-aways that have helped the team form healthy tech habits.”

Fiona James Chief Data Officer Office for National Statistics
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