Building digital cultures that amplify your impact.

We deliver a complete digital wellbeing and engagement solution.

Including talks, workshops, online learning programmes and retreats.

Instead of walking out horrified at how much you use your phone, you leave with clear actionable goals and a better understanding of your digital habits and why they exist.

—Jacqueline Conway, Group Risk and Compliance Director at Vodafone


One of the most common ways we start working with clients is by delivering either one (or a series) of talks to your teams.

We give a broad introduction to Digital Wellbeing, sharing stories, case studies and data to illustrate the impact which digital distraction has not only on the margin, but on the wellbeing and engagement of your people.

These sessions are important to get an aligned understanding across your organisation of the impact that poor digital habits can have on your culture, as well as an introduction to some of the solutions.

These sessions include audience participation and work well as stand alone sessions or fitting in as part of an conference or event.

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Leading on from this we also have a portfolio of workshops which dive more deeply into exploring the solutions and, even more crucially, the supportive mindsets and cultures required for maximum benefit.

Each workshop is interactive, with discussions, debates and exercises which lead to participants creating a personalised plan fo good digital habits to be implemented immediately.

The workshops topics include:

  • Digital Habits Foundations
  • Awareness & Purpose
  • Creativity and Focus
  • Communication & Relationships

In our workshops we bring together many different learnings from disciplines such as Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Behavorial Science, Digital Design, Nutrition and Body work. This means that our approach is a holistic one, going beyond the simplistic binary solutions of a digital detox and exploring the real nuances of how to implement effective solutions in a demanding work environment.

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Online Programmes

We have developed a programme which can be scaled across an entire organisation in order to weave good digital habits into the fabric of their culture.

This is a blended learning experience which combines in person talks and workshops, with an online programme of daily content to help people reflect on and apply different methods in their daily lives.

Each company is different and we work with you to understand what will be most effective to fit in with your existing wellbeing, innovation and engagement strategies, and build a programme around that.

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Away days and Retreats

In the last year we have been experimenting with retreat experiences for teams who want to dive deep into good digital habits as part of a team away day or retreat.

This has taken the form of short sessions punctuating an existing company event that you have scheduled, or creating a bespoke format which takes place over several days

We recently ran a 3 day Digital Wellbeing retreat for Google APAC which combined talks, workshops and activities in a remote setting to help the group learn and practitce good digital habits together.

This is both a fantastic opportunity to establish good working cultures whilst also giving your team something to connect around and spend some quality time together.

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