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The Mind over Tech sessions struck the perfect balance between enlightening people to the theory and then giving very very action focussed practical tips to embed in our daily lives. They also helped create a really safe and supportive space for the 900+ people who joined.

—Izzy Hare, Wellbeing Lead for Consulting at Deloitte

    We teach people how to take control of their digital habits.

  • Evidence-based

    Our approach is based on Neuroscience, Behavioural Science, Mindfulness and UX Design.

    Practicing intentional digital habits is a skill that can be learnt, and studies show that 70% of professionals agree that training can help them find focus and cut out distraction.

  • Human-centred

    We combine knowledge, hands-on exercises and meaningful, human connection to help new ideas to form, and new practices to stick.

    Learning with Mind over Tech is not about theory: it’s a living experience.

  • Action-oriented

    How can new understanding be translated into new behaviours?

    We coach our learners to articulate this for themselves, and follow-up with them through physical and digital tools to reinforce new ideas, and stimulate behaviour change.

Physical Tools

Our card deck of 50 experiments was developed from evidence-based scientific research, and our own experience of running workshops with 1000s of professionals across dozens of organisations.

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Awareness Talks

Kickstart cultural conversation with one of our live talks that boost productivity and wellbeing.

  • ☑️ Choose from 20+ topics
  • ☑️ 60-90 minutes
  • ☑️ In-person or Virtual
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Digital Habits Champions Training

Activate a group of employees to become digital habit advocates in your organisation.

  • ☑️ Up to 20 participants
  • ☑️ 4 hours of training
  • ☑️ Flexible scheduling
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  • Who delivers the sessions?

    Our specialist instructors have been selected not just on their professional and academic expertise, but also on their ability to engage audiences with their dynamism, charisma and warmth.

  • What is the maximum size for a session?

    Talks can be delivered to very large audiences – as long as the right space or technology is available.

    Our Digital Habits Champions cohorts are limited to 20 people to allow space for facilitated group discussions.

  • Are you anti-technology?

    No! We think technology is incredibly powerful and has the ability to accelerate learning, enhance our creativity and connect us to people all over the world.

    Our talks and training programmes are designed to help individuals and organisations get the best from their tech without compromising their wellbeing and productivity.