Digital Habit Reset

Embrace your tech with intention

Build a better relationship with your devices. Direct your attention to accomplish what matters most.

Or your money back.

Our next cohort launches in October 2023!

Do you need help improving your relationship with your tech?

  • Are you a creative or knowledge worker constantly distracted by a steady stream of notifications?
  • Are you a parent struggling to know how create a positive family culture with your devices?
  • Are you a business leader wondering how to build a better digital culture with your team?

We can help you refocus, reconnect and reset your digital habits to help you embrace digital technology in a way which enriches your wellbeing, creativity and productivity.

Hi, I'm Jonathan

I started exploring my own digital habits over five years ago.

It began on a meditation retreat in 2017, where I had the intention of connecting with myself. Instead, I was locked in a toilet cubicle with my phone, furtively jumping from email, to app, to web page.

That was the moment I realised I had a bad relationship with my technology.

The revelation led me to discover how my digital habits were impacting my ability to focus, my physical health, my mental wellbeing and my connection with friends and family.

As an independent web developer and facilitator delivering workshops on digital transformation to C-suite senior professionals at Fortune 500 companies, giving up tech was never going to work for me.

I founded Mind over Tech to find a way of living that embraces the gifts of the digital world and respects our fundamental needs.

What started as a journey to find a deeper connection with myself turned into a life-long mission to help others find a better relationship with their tech.

Managing your relationship with your tech is a skill.

I’ve spent the last 5 years exploring the most effective way to train.

  • I’ve read hundreds of books, journals, articles and scientific studies.

  • I’ve spoken to experts in related fields, from habit change and neuroscience to journalling and analytical reflection.

  • I tested every experiment and approach on myself and have developed a methodology that’s been shared with over 5,000 professionals at companies like Google, Deloitte and KPMG.

  • I started to consider how to help those individuals looking to go deeper, and set out to combine all of my learnings so far to make the most impactful learning experience possible.

“I deepened my understanding of methods such as the pomodoro technique. As a coach, I've encouraged others to do it in the past, but with this deeper framing I managed to accomplish something I had put off for over a year in just 3 pomodoro sessions.”

Nesh Amirfathi Leadership Coach Madrid

The Mind over Tech methodology has been taught to thousands of professionals at some of the world's leading organisations.

“Mind over Tech deliver a great action-oriented programme to get your digital life on track, in a way that works for you.”

Laura Scott Head of Learning & Development Google


The Digital Habit Reset

A 10-week programme of live workshops, habit disrupting experimentation and dedicated coaching to help you build a better relationship with your tech.

  • Interactive Live Workshops

    With options for all time zones and schedules

    Weekly live 2hr workshops over the first 6 weeks feature expert guests and introduce our MORE methodology–a habit development approach based on Neuroscience, Behavioural Science, Mindfulness and UX Design.

    This spaced practice approach helps embed learning over time as, on average, it takes 66 days for a new behaviour to become automatic.

  • Double Loop Learning

    Evidence-based programme design

    In between workshops, you'll run habit-disrupting experiments. These bridging exercises provide experiential double-loop learning, a proven process that creates fundamental habit change.

    A final live session at 10 weeks reunites the cohort to celebrate progress, share experiences and renew intentions.

  • Dedicated Coaching

    With flexible availability to suit your schedule

    To keep you on track, we’ve teamed up with executive coach Neshat Amirfathi.

    If you sign up to the course with the Coaching Package, you'll have 4 coaching calls spaced throughout the 10 weeks. Nesh and her team of coaches will help you to define your goals, identify blockers and challenge any limiting beliefs.

  • Digital Habit Lab Card Deck

    To support your daily practice

    Before the course starts we'll send you a pack of our Digital Habit Lab experiment cards to use throughout the programme.

    The experiments have been developed over 5 years, and are based on James Clear's 4 laws of habit change.

  • Digital Habit Toolkit

    With life-time access

    You'll get access to a growing library of video tutorials walking you through how to set yourself up for success on specific devices, platforms and apps.

  • Community Support

    If you want to go far, go together.

    The Digital Habit Reset is a live, cohort-based course. You'll meet a community of global like-minded (yet diverse) peers to champion you on your journey.

“I rely on my tech for so many things, but often find myself distracted and overwhelmed.
The course has helped me reclaim more time and presence for my family and through experiments like “fully embrace boredom” it’s even rekindled my creativity.
I can’t recommend it enough.”

Tom Pellereau Inventor, Founder & CEO, Stylideas London

Our next cohort launches in October 2023!

If you’re trying to figure out how build a better digital culture with your team or your family, we’re here to help.

We know you don’t have time to research digital wellbeing and habit practices. We’ve done the hard work for you.

We appreciate you need a course that fits with your schedule. Wherever possible we’ll adapt to your individual situation or timezone.

We understand that rejecting technology is not an option. We'll help you live with your devices and find a healthy relationship with your tech.

“The course has been life-changing.
I’ve tried every app and tool out there, but it turns out that the most effective approach is community accountability and shame-free experimentation.
I still love my tech, but now I can embrace it as a tool, instead of a master.”

Luis Villa Co-Founder and General Counsel, Tidelift San Fransisco

Do you have a Wellbeing or Training Budget?

If you have an individual budget at work to support your wellbeing or training you could use it to support or co-fund your place on the course. Let us know if you need any help to make this happen.

Join the Digital Habit Reset to

  • Manage your devices so you can focus and find flow in your work

  • Create boundaries with your tech to ensure you can be fully present in-person

  • Develop new habits to avoid mindless digital activity and reclaim precious time.

  • Learn a timeless methodology that continues to provide value as the world of tech evolves

  • Redesign your digital environment from a source of distraction to fuel for inner digital transformation

  • Develop your community to support ongoing habit change.

“The Mind over Tech community and course have helped me to develop more intentional digital habits. I feel more in control of how, and when, I use my phone and have created clearer boundaries between my work and my time with my wife.”

Alex Nirenberg Dermatopathologist, Dorevitch Pathology Melbourne

Peace of Mind

Money-back Guarantee

We want this investment in yourself to be 100% risk-free.
If you join the live workshops, show up to your coaching sessions and still don’t find the course valuable, we’ll happily refund your full payment within 30 days of the course ending.

Our next cohort launches in October 2023!