Keeping Honest.

Here is this week’s 1% MORE—4 short prompts using Mind over Tech’s M.O.R.E framework to trigger tiny improvements to your digital habits.

This week's theme is: 🎯 Purpose

Mindsets and habits to identify and pursue what is important to you in your digital life.


a trigger to inspire motivation

Ryder Carroll—author, digital product designer, and inventor of the Bullet Journal method—on tracking habits:

“Trackers are a great example of how we can take larger goals and deconstruct them into smaller actionable steps. They make potentially intimidating endeavour more manageable, and they keep us honest. Our memories and realities often are not the best of friends. Having a place where you log and objectively monitor your progress can go a long way to keeping you on track.”

Source: The Bullet Journal Method


an approach to gather data

Be curious about the patterns of behaviour that emerge through your digital habits over time.


a prompt to inspire change

How aware are you of the realities (not the memories) of your digital habits in the last month?

Do you have enough data to be able to spot patterns and measure progress?


an invitation to disrupt your digital habits

Use a journal to keep a simple log of the role digital habits played in your day, and track a new habit that you’d like to stick.

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Accept the challenge

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— Jonathan
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