Sometimes others don’t see a problem

Here is this week’s 1% MORE—4 short prompts using Mind over Tech’s M.O.R.E framework to trigger tiny improvements to your digital habits.

This week's theme is: 💬 Communication

Mindsets and habits to share information effectively, collaborate and build culture in your digital life.


a trigger to inspire motivation

Author Dave Gray on assumptions and unspoken expectations:

“The most common mistake I see people make in change efforts is to assume that they understand the situation. Sometimes they see a problem one way, when the problem is seen very differently by others. Sometimes other people don’t see a problem at all, or they see a different problem.”

Source: Liminal Thinking


an approach to gather data

Be curious about the fact that we all have expectations about how and when we like to be contacted, and yet we rarely communicate them to others.


a prompt to inspire change

How would it change your week if you felt that others regularly tried their best to communicate with you on your terms?


an invitation to disrupt your digital habits

Create a simple list of your own expectations around communication and availability, and find small and playful ways to share this with others.

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