Liberating Restrictions

Here is this week’s 1% MORE—4 short prompts using Mind over Tech’s M.O.R.E framework to trigger tiny improvements to your digital habits.

This week's theme is: 🎯 Purpose

Mindsets and habits to identify and pursue what is important to you in your digital life.


a trigger to inspire motivation

Facilitator and strategic advisor Priya Parker on single tasking:

“In a world of infinite choices, choosing one thing is the revolutionary act. Imposing that restriction is actually liberating.”

Source: The Art of Gathering


an approach to gather data

Be curious about what it feels like when you try to do multiple things at the same time.


a prompt to inspire change

To what extent do you multitask through choice or habit?


an invitation to disrupt your digital habits

Choose one task and do it fully before moving to the next, whether it’s flossing your teeth, tidying your desk or writing that work report.

Experiment Together

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