Don’t Absquatulate online.

Here is this week’s 1% MORE—4 short prompts using Mind over Tech’s M.O.R.E framework to trigger tiny improvements to your digital habits.

This week's theme is: ⛔️ Boundary

Mindsets and habits to create supportive environments and set expectations in your digital life.


a trigger to inspire motivation

Science fiction author Nick Marone:

“There are some people in this world, myself included, who at times feel the need to leave a gathering or situation in a hurry. Never mind the reasons. Once again, our great language, moulded and twisted from many others, has given us a word for this action: absquatulate.

Meaning: to leave in a hurry, especially without saying goodbye.”

Source: Nick Marone


an approach to gather data

Be curious about how you leave your various digital spaces throughout the day.

Is there a clear and pronounced goodbye? Or is it closer to slipping quietly out the back?


a prompt to inspire change

If you slip out of a digital space by closing a window (instead of logging out), have you really left?

If you can return there in an instant by simply re-opening a tab, how useful is this boundary to you?


an invitation to disrupt your digital habits

Each time you finish using a service or website, take a moment to log yourself out so that returning there requires a bit more conscious effort.

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— Jonathan
Founder of Mind over Tech