The Digital Habit Lab Deck is now available for Pre-Order 🚀

10 May 2021

Introducing Lab Tests

Over the last couple of years, the team at Mind over Tech has been experimenting with hundreds of different tips, tricks and methods to help you develop more intentional digital habits.

Like any good research team, we have been testing these extensively in our own sandbox; the Digital Habit Lab. While not all of the methods that we test end up being helpful, many of them prove their worth, and to date we have identified over 55 different experiments which we integrate into in our workshops and courses to help people with their first steps toward disrupting their Digital Habits.

The Digital Habit Lab is evolving

To date, the Habit Lab has existed in the form of prototype cards that we have been using in both our in-person and remote live sessions. These have served us well, but we have been working hard on developing them from fun little props into a full standalone tool which will bring this collection of experiments to anyone who wants to turn their own office space, studio or classroom into a Digital Habit Lab of their own.

Protoyping the Digital Habit Lab Cards

It is very important to us that we produce something of real quality and value; from the design, to the materials and, most important of all, the content. We feel we have something really special and will be sharing lots more information about it over the coming weeks and months leading up to the launch in September 2021.

But we don't want to keep you waiting all that time, so today we are announcing...

Weekly Lab Tests in your inbox

Starting Tuesday May 18th, we will be unlocking two experiments from the Lab each week and sharing them them out to the world via our newsletter.

These weekly emails will take on a special format that we are calling Lab Tests. Here's what you can expect:

  • Each Lab Test will identify and explore a different issue which we see commonly arising in people's digital lives. It will share some background info on the topic and then set a hypothesis (which you may either agree or disagree with).
  • It will also introduce two new experiments from the Digital Habit Lab for you to carry out in your own life over the following week in order to test this hypothesis.
  • This gives you a regular opportunity to make observations and gather data about your own digital habits, introducing you gradually to the many different methods which we have already proven to be helpful in taking control of your digital life.

This means that over the next few months you will slowly see the experiment collection from the Lab grow, giving you a front row seat as we reveal to you just what we have been working on.

So if you haven't already, pop your email address in the signup form and start exploring your digital habits today. We think you are going to love it :-)