Your Willpower is finite

Here is this week’s 1% MORE—4 short prompts using Mind over Tech’s M.O.R.E framework to trigger tiny improvements to your digital habits.

This week's theme is: ⛔️ Boundary

Mindsets and habits to create supportive environments and set expectations in your digital life.


a trigger to inspire motivation

Author Cal Newport on the key to developing deep work habits:

“Roy Baumeister established the following important truth about willpower: *You have a finite amount of willpower that becomes depleted as you use it…*The key to developing a deep work habit is to move beyond good intentions and add routines and rituals to your working life designed to minimise the amount of your limited willpower necessary to transition into a state of unbroken concentration.”

Source: Deep Work


an approach to gather data

Be curious about the the fact that our default mode is often to be completely available to all incoming communications and information, 24 hours a day. Do you notice any times when this is not the case?


a prompt to inspire change

How often do you actively take steps to set boundaries that will help you enter a state of concentration and flow? What is the difference in quality of your attention when you do?


an invitation to disrupt your digital habits

Create space by strategically turning on ‘Do not disturb’ or ‘Airplane Mode’ on your device so that you cannot receive incoming calls or notifications.

Try this experiment out with us in our community weekly challenge.

Until next week,

— Jonathan
Founder of Mind over Tech