Foundations for change.

A collection of live sessions to start you on your journey of being in control of your tech.

Instead of walking out horrified at how much you use your phone, you leave with clear actionable goals and a better understanding of your digital habits and why they exist.

—Jacqueline Conway, Group Risk and Compliance Director at Vodafone


The first step towards building a culture of intentional digital habits is to open the conversation, provide a shared language and inspire people to make a change.

Our talks always give a complete overview of intentional digital habits—what they are, why you need them, why they are so hard to develop and what tools you need to begin your journey of taking back control.

Talks work great as stand alone events, but are also a fantastic way to introduce and launch a series of workshops or engagement with the Mind over Tech Academy.

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Our series of standalone workshops deepen the tools and frameworks introduced in our talks with practical exercises, disucssions and debates.

Changing any habit is hard, but our digital habits are particularly slippery since we spend so much time with them. Our workshops are designed to give confidence in how to work with them through hands on experience.

The workshops topics include:

  • Digital Habits Foundations
  • Awareness & Purpose
  • Creativity and Focus
  • Communication & Relationships

Each session takes a holistic journey, drawing on learnings from Neuroscience, Behavioural design, Mindfulness and Design Thinking to help create agency in the way you use your tech.

People will always leave a workshop having started (or built upon an existing) personal plan, with clear steps to take in the following weeks to implement changes which they have identified they want to make.

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Leadership Training

A programme for supporting leaders with their own digital habits while giving them all the skills needed to build effective cultures of digital habits with their teams.

We take intimate cohorts through a guided journey which includes establishing a framework for awareness around their own digital behaviours; teach skills which will help them support their teams; and a deep dive into practical soltuions to the most commonly experience issues around remote, hybrid and digital teams.

This is a complete programme that has been carefully designed to fit into a demanding workplace. Members spend the time between sessions putting their learnings into practice, giving them the opportunity to receive 1:1 guidance and to regularly ask questions from one of our team to deepen their understanding.

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