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What are digital habits?

Everyone has different needs from technology—whether it’s the way we work, travel, learn, play, connect or even love. As the digital world continues to transform every corner of our lives, the benefits are often (but sadly, not always) undeniable.

At the same time we are waking up to the fact that an unintentional relationship with technology can significantlly impact our physical and mental wellbeing. The extent to which this is true depends on our digital habits.

Understanding what good digital habits look like and how to practice them is increasingly becoming one of the key human skills of the future.

Jonathan, founder of Mind over Tech, spoke recently to the Digitial Wellbeing podcast and shared some essential tips.

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Digital Habits Starter Kit

As with anything related to habits, making changes which provide a long term benefit can be challenging. Having delivered many workshops over the years, we have seen that it's certainly not helpful to give a list of things you shouldn't be doing!

Instead we bring together many different learnings from disciplines such as Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Behavorial Science, Digital Design, Nutrition and Body work. We use these to help you understand the impact which certain digital habits can have on you.

We are currently condensing some of the most essential information that we have found to be helpful when getting started with working with your digital habits, and will be posting them here soon in a free downloadable PDF.

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Investing in the culture of you

Once you start looking deeper into digital habits, it's easy to see that there are no easy fixes. Even if you do manage to 'sort out' your email situation for a while, it won't be long before a busy period takes you right back to where you started!

For this reason, beyond individual methods the most beneficial approach is to develop an ongoing practice of evaluation of your relationship with tech.

That is why we have designed a online programme which provides daily content and a community of peers to help you develop an ongoing practice of digital wellbeing.

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