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Episode 04

Being Intentional Moment-To-Moment—Mind Over Tech team

A special “behind the scenes” episode in which the Mind Over Tech team reflect on their lived experiences of feeling intentional. When does it happen? What does it feel like? Menka, Jonathan, Sophie and Zak open up to share insights from their personal lives.

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About the guests

Host Menka Sanghvi is joined by Jonathan Garner, Sophie Smiles and Zak Bassey in this team conversation. They each work on different threads within Mind Over Tech, between them combining expertise in illustration, technology, design, coding, teaching, algorithms, social impact and innovation.

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Episode notes

When do we tend to feel most intentional? For many of us it’s often, quite simply, after taking a break. Menka talks about feeling intentional in the mornings, having had a rest and starting a new day, Sophie shares her practice of taking mini-breaks throughout the day, and Jonathan is looking forward to his next holiday! We are less reactive, more clear-headed after taking a step back, and giving ourselves space to see the bigger picture.

The other theme that runs through this conversation is about human beings as social creatures. Sophie and Zak - both keen musicians - talk about that great feeling of bouncing off other people, thanks to collective energy, trust and connection. The group reflects on how shared activities such as playing music or sports together also have clear boundaries and accountability, which help us to stay on track towards a common goal.

Going even deeper - the group questions the concept of “intention” as merely a purposeful, goal-oriented mindset. They explore the elusive connection to the present moment, that allows us to dynamically respond to whatever is going on, while being true to ourselves.

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