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Experiment 45

Identify your weakest link

What does it involve?

Take time to understand which app, service or device is currently your Achilles heel and find ways to reduce its impact on your wider digital habits.

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This experiment is from The Digital Habit Lab—a deck of 50 experiments to help you disrupt digital habits, and take control of your tech.

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Why do it?

  • Gain insight into the triggers and motivations which drive compulsive behaviour around your technology.
  • Give yourself more control by removing your single biggest gateway into digital distraction.
  • Free up time and mental capacity to invest in anything that you value more than your weakest link, but which is often sidelined / forgotten.

How does it work?

  1. Spend a day observing your digital habits and take note of the apps, services or devices which have the most control over you.
  2. Identify which one of these has the single biggest impact and reflect on why you think that is. Why is it that you keep using it again and again?
  3. Choose a period of time in which you make it harder to access this tech and see what impact this has on your digital habits as a whole.


It can be helpful to be quite extreme in reducing access to your weakest link—like deleting the app, or even getting a trusted friend to change your password for the duration. If your weakest link connects you with others, it will be helpful to leave a message to explain you will not be available for the time period. Be brave and stay with any feelings of discomfort that you may have as there is a lot that can be learnt from them.