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Experiment 42

Curate your media feeds

What does it involve?

Take time to curate the sources that appear on your timelines by removing anything which is no longer bringing you value.

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Why do it?

  • Shift your relationship with infinite feeds from being passive towards one where you are actively in control of what you are consuming.
  • Inspire yourself by disrupting the flow of media that you are used to and open yourself up to new ideas by intentionally following diverse sources.
  • Make the time you spend scrolling more meaningful by increasing the chances that the content supports your current needs and interests.

How does it work?

  1. Open up one of your apps with an infinite feed and time 10 minutes with an alarm for you to actively curate your sources.
  2. First of all note down up to 5 things which you value from your sources, eg. ideas, inspiration, humour, diversity etc and order them by priority.
  3. Go through your feed and for each source use your notes to assess if they still bring you value. Unfollow anyone who doesn’t.


When making your list of values, experiment with being really specific by naming precise emotions or topics and seeing what impact this has on your feeds. Pay attention to when a source doesn’t meet your values yet you are hesitant to unfollow them. Why is that? Don’t be afraid of unfollowing—you can always keep a list of people who you value in general but who don’t meet your current needs so you can easily follow them again later.