Experiment 39

Know what matters

What does it involve?

Take time each day to reflect on the projects or activities which are most important to you personally and will bring the most satisfaction to you.

From batch 4 of our weekly series of Lab Tests

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Why do it?

  • Clarity—we can often feel incredibly busy and yet at the same time be unsure what it is that we should be doing next. By taking time to reflect on what is important (and doint so in a spacious way) then you will gain confidence on how best to proceed.
  • Discipline—with the best intentions we often get side tracked from the things which are important to us by shiny and exciting distractions. By regularly reminding yourself what you is most important to you, you can spot these distractions more easily and increase your chances of not caving in to them.
  • Self-awarneness—It's quite normal to not actually know what is most important to you when you first start to reflect on it. By doing this regularly you can gain important insights into yourself.


  • Create a spacious atmosphere to do this: in a comfortable environment, with a nice drink and when the day is not already too hectic.
  • Use a notebook to help you capture your reflections. By writing down your findings it will help them have more weight in steering your decisions during the day.