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Experiment 29

Clean up after yourself

From batch 6 of our weekly series of Lab Tests

Each week we release two new experiments from the Digital Habit Lab, launching on Kickstarter later this year.

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What does it involve?

  1. While working on a task, make a conscious effort to notice when it is either completed or interrupted.

  2. When you become aware of an end or a pause in the task, take 30 seconds to see what you can do tidy away anything related to it.

3.This could include: saving and closing files, quitting apps, closing tabs in your browser, putting your device away etc.

Why do it?

  • Stop yourself from being distracted by projects or entertainment which is not your main current focus.

  • Prevent yourself from going around in circles by multitasking many different tasks but achieving none of them.

  • Reduce stress and anxiety by allowing your mind to fully let go of tasks once they are completed, giving you a clearer mind.


While this sounds easy in practice, doing it consistently is incredibly difficult especially as doing one task digitally often involves multiple apps and tabs! Don’t be too hard on yourself if you realise you have forgotten to do it, but use it as an opportunity to clean up one small thing as a step in the right direction. This is more about the cumulative benefits of little and often.