Experiment 16

Audit your tech

What does it involve?

Set some time aside to consider a digital product or service which you use regularly, or are considering starting to use soon. While considering your personal goals, carefully consider the ways in which this tech both supports them and also distracts from them.

From batch 5 of our weekly series of Lab Tests

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Why do it?

  • Clarity—Sometimes our own goals are not that clear to us, and this reflection on how we use our tech can be a helpful to lead us to greater certainty around this.
  • Confidence—Having done this experiment you will start to remember the reasons why each piece of tech can be helpful towards your own goals. This reminder can bring a real sense of confidence and purpose when you are using it.
  • Save money—We all get attracted by shiny new pieces of technology now and again. Often we can feel compelled to purchase it simply because it's new and powerful. By taking the time to really consider if it will be serving your deeper personal goals then this can help you reduce the amount of unecessary purchases!


  • Having a clear sense of your personal goals is really key in being able to run this experiment well. The goal could be anything, from being entertained to studying.
  • It doesn't make sense to just be doing this once as things often change. So get in the habit of regularly running this experiment to keep your tech aligned with what's important to you