Mind over Tech Academy.

A scalable programme to build intentional digital habits into the culture of your entire organisation.

Instead of walking out horrified at how much you use your phone, you leave with clear actionable goals and a better understanding of your digital habits and why they exist.

—Jacqueline Conway, Group Risk and Compliance Director at Vodafone

Bespoke Digital Platform

One of the key pillars of the Academy is access to the Mind over Tech platform which offers courses of on-demand, bite sized content. Each course brings together a number of experiments from the Digital Habit Lab, all revolving around a central theme, and delivers an in-depth journey which teaches how to apply them for maximum impact.

We have built our platform from scratch and designed it to deliver the benefits of an interactive course while also avoiding the pitfalls of becoming another bloated and distracting app. It embodies our principles of embracing technology to do exactly the thing we need it to, and no more.

Each lesson comes with supporting resources such as reflections, tips and challenges to encourage you to integrate the learnings in your day over the next 24 hours before the next lesson. The platform also includes the full set of Digital Habit Lab experiments and extends them, with additional resources for each which we couldn't fit onto the cards.

Inclusive Live Sessions

Working with your digital habits requires inspiration, support and guidance. That's why a subscription to the Mind over Tech Academy is not just a digital platform, but a blended programme which prioritises human interaction. Each subscription provides a generous number of inclusive live foundation sessions which can be spread throughout the year to provide an engaging programme which provides support at the time when people need it most.

This means that your teams can always find a way to attend a live session with our facilitators and other colleagues to explore and discuss whatever digital habits they are struggling with. Since intentional digital habits need to be practised regularly over time (like exercising) we also include an extra type of live session that we call compass—this provides a simple, short but regular opportunity to check in with your situation and set your digital habits plan for the upcoming month according to your needs.

Bespoke engagement campaign

You can schedule your live sessions to coincide with wellbeing weeks or company away days to give you a full programme which maintains continuity with the journey people are already on.

We also work with you to provide bespoke communications and engaging pieces of content which provide reminders and touch points for your teams to stay connected with the larger cultural journey of transformation which is taking place.

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